Are parallax websites good for seo

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Are parallax websites good for seo

SEO Issues Parallax scrolling can be very bad for SEO. Search engines like to see websites that serve up several, contentrich pages to users. Parallax sites are usually just one or two pages at most. Having multiple H1 headers on the same page cant be good either. Typically, a website has one H1 header per page. In other words, SEO problems come from incorrect practices, not from the parallax code. For example, because storytelling using parallax looks so beautiful, website designers might be tempted to put several site pages worth of content onto a single page. But p utting a ton of content on a single page is still a bad SEO idea without parallaxing it. Will it be good to use the hash bang technique on this website and perform SEO to improve the rankings on desktop as well as mobile devices? Is using hash bang technique for a parallax scrolling website good for only desktop and not recommended for mobile devices and that we should have a separate mobile version (without parallax scrolling) of the website for mobile SEO? Is Parallax Webdesign Good for Search Engine Optimization. Is parallax website design good for SEO? Looking at the performance concerns, the importance of mobile, and the ability to target multiple keyword concepts on a website, choosing to go with parallax web design is going to handicap your overall SEO strategy. Unless you are a big company, with a huge advertising budget. How can the answer be improved. Parallax design intent is flashy first and content second. The idea is that the designers need to communicate with the content and UI guys. Jul 11, 2013Similar to Flash and AJAX, parallax design presents unique challenges for SEO. Most of these challenges stem from the fact that all of the content is housed on a single page, essentially giving. What this all boils down to is that Parallax is not a Pandoras box, but you can really land in hot water if you dont implement it correctly. Its always a good idea to be on the lookout for any SEO issues when you implement new web design trends. You dont want the bells and whistles to kill your site for search engines. I took a look at the website and did some research. Google is treating each URL differently and the internal pages are ranking. It appears to be SEO friendly and an amazing solution to Parallax scrolling and SEO. However that being said I am not a programmer. I would need to sit down with a programmer to look at some of the code. Jun 04, 2015Be that as it may, the argument for parallax web design can really only be made on a casebycase basis. It's easy for us as SEOs to think that parallax websites are the devil's work simply because they're SEOunfriendly. But after all, there's more to life (and online marketing) than SEO. Jul 08, 2016Why Parallax Is Bad For SEO. The whole point of having a parallax site is so that most of the sites content remains on one page. While this may look good and work for some businesses, it can be a major hindrance to SEO. This is mainly because search engines index whole pages, not

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